Welcome to the ALMA Consultancy Unit!

Our work revolves around conceptualizing models of leadership that can inspire industry across culture, gender and age-groups. Faced with a changing climate, a global pandemic, rapidly changing technologies, a new digital economy, among other drivers of productivity, demand for transformational leadership has never been greater or more urgent. What approaches to visualizing and articulating African leadership are best suited for meeting the challenges of the 21st Century? We hope these and other questions around effective and supportive leadership resonate with you and that we can engage in meaningful conversations going forward.

The Consultancy Unit is ALMA’s platform for engaging funders to advance leadership transformation in Africa. Our value preposition is to be a trusted partner in providing consultancy services to public and private organizations, and communities both ethically and efficiently consistent with recognized good grant management practices. We bring a mixture of experience, up-to-date skills, expert knowledge, and relevant academic and professional qualifications in all our consultancy service offerings. Our goal is to build collaborative relationships with all our partners to solve existing and emerging leadership and governance challenges.

• Leadership
• Governance
• Policy reviews and development
• Peace and conflict transformation
• Organizational Development
• Entrepreneurship
• Strategy Reviews and Development
• Project and programme Evaluations
• Business and Social Research

Our team of internal and external experts includes analysts; innovators; researchers; scientists; technologists; and writers from different academic and professional backgrounds – the engineering; environmental; health; humanities; natural; and social sciences.

Internal Experts  

• Mr. Moses Chundu
• Dr Pindai Sithole
• Dr T Chichetu
• Prof Kenneth Odero
• Mr. Jack Makukutsi

Our partners and partnerships are defined more by character, purpose and vision than geography.

We have two collaborative forums you can chose from: The Governance Lab and the Leadership Hub would like to hear from you. Please drop us a line with your contact and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.
• The Governance Lab
• The Leadership Hub