ILF’s Philosophy of Transforming Leadership

ILF’s Philosophy of Transforming Leadership

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The International Leadership Foundation believes that no culture can rise above the character of its leaders, and no culture can rise above the leadership capacity of its leaders; and as goes the leader, so goes the institution s/he leads. This emphasizes the need to invest in building the capacity of the leaders with the requisite vision, values, and competencies.

This is a professional seminar which is designed to equip top leaders with the requisite knowledge, attitude and skills to spearhead transformation in their respective spheres of influence, and to create the desired leadership and organizational culture.

The seminar series is designed for leaders in government, business, education and the church.

The objectives are

  • Help leaders understand the transforming leadership paradigm;
  • help leaders exercise effective leadership and bring positive change to their spheres of responsibility and involvement;
  • equip leaders as effective coaches who are leading transformation;
  • create a community of coaches who are developing effective transforming leaders

The TLGS comprises of multiple levels of basic training and an advanced coaching training. To become an ILF certified coach one has to successfully attend TLGS levels 1 and 2 or 1 to 3 and Advanced Coaching.

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