MBA Leadership & Management Degree (MBALM)

MBA Leadership & Management Degree (MBALM)

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The MBA degree in Leadership and Management is a part -time, Block Release programme that shall be completed over two (2) years. The programme aims at enhancing and equipping leaders and managers with developed skills, competencies and knowledge in leadership and management and in the areas of moral and ethical values for nation building.

The MBA Programme is designed to expose students in executive leadership positions in their organizations, to studies on transformational leadership. The degree will equip the students with the requisite academic content for each course. It will also enable students, through the different teaching approaches, to reflect on transformational leadership issues worldwide, with more emphasis on the leadership and management issues pertaining to the African context.

Students will be required to solve practical management and organizational problems encountered in their organizations. This will be achieved through research assignments which will combine theory and practice. On completion, successful candidates will have acquired attitudes necessary to display integrity and impact their spheres of influence through transformational and servant leadership.

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