Certificate in Leadership and Management(CLM)

Certificate in Leadership and Management(CLM)

Short Seminar
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Computer Skills Appreciation

The course provides the students with an introduction to computers and their role in the modern world. Emphasis is on the use of Microsoft Office Software in daily business and academic contexts. Topics covered include Spreadsheets; Word processing, PowerPoint; Database management systems; and the internet.

Writing Skills

This course is designed to enable the learner to develop writing skills for effective written academic communication. The course will give students the elementary understanding of the concepts of academic writing, formatting of documents, mechanics and crediting of sources. Learners are exposed to principles of good scholarly writing, presentation of assignments, summarization of content and issues of plagiarism.  Topics include, report writing, note taking, grammar and library usage.

Biblical Principles for Personal, Family and Organizational Transformation

The course designed to introduce the students to the Biblical worldview concept and its impact on leadership theory and practice. The course enables the student to develop an understanding of human life in all domains, physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual. The course further explores the integration of one’s private and public life and the balancing of relational skills at individual and public management level. The course interrogates the core concepts that undergird social transformation, particularly theories that highlight personal identity as a catalyst for social transformation. Topics covered include: Self analysis that covers life dimensions and roles; Life cycle phases and personality profiling; Work ethic development; Conflict resolution and negotiation skills; Time management and stewardship of personal and public finances; and Decision making and accountability at personal, family and organisational level.

Principles of Leadership Practice

The course builds upon the basic knowledge of leadership provided in the Biblical Principles for Personal, Family & Organisational Transformation course by expanding the scope and depth of the student’s knowledge of leadership theories, by providing practice in basic leadership skills, and by developing the student’s self- styles and motivational techniques conducive to high performance in various organizational settings with a very diverse workforce. Topics covered include: Conceptualisation of leadership; Evolution of leadership theory and practice; Effectiveness in leadership; Leadership and culture; and Personal leadership development plan.

Principles of Management Practice

The course is designed to introduce the students to the fundamental functions of Management. It is aimed at developing, a critical thinking approach to the management of organizations in a VUCA environment. It starts by considering organisational objectives and how management functions may be combined to achieve them in the context of a changing business environment Topics covered include: The Evolution of management theory; Biblical approach to management; Management functions; Motivation; Stress management; and Communication.

Leadership and Management in the 21st Century

The course examines current and emerging issues and trends impacting leadership and management theory and practice at both local and global levels.The course also provides students with an in-depth exposure to the skills necessary to manage an organization in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.  Course topics include Contemporary management and leadership challenges; Ethical considerations in management; Dealing with the sustainable development issue; Principles of innovation and technology Management; Diversity in the work place; and Climate change and leadership.

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